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Fixing Credit Errors

Fixing Credit Error Picture The typical American spends 8 hours or more in his job just to compensate the daily expenses. He aims to pay his debt in full just to obtain a good credit score rating. But amidst all the hardship and leniency with the credit companies, a recent finding proves that the average worker is not only working for nothing, he is being abused.

According to’s polls on credit report error, 1,568 out of 2,142 respondents reported that they have at one time or another found errors on their credit reports. With these results and the increasingly growing and evolving identity theft industry, you should think twice when skipping to review your credit report.
Here are some quick fixes to insure that your credit report is accurate and safe:

  1. Go Get That Free Credit Report!

    A person is entitled to have one credit report copy every year. It is an obligation of the big three ((Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) to provide it’s consumer a free report annually. Gail Cunningham, the vice president of public relations for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling in Washington, D.C., we can ask for a annual report from each of the credit bureau by going to

  2. Always check for errors and omissions

    Didn’t see the groceries you paid last year on your credit report? Mark it immediately. Errors and omissions like these often result in bad credit. Why? It increases your balance statement, resulting in credit score damage. Try to spend a little more time in reviewing your credit report, it might help get you that car you’ve always wanted.

  3. Gather Documentation Immediately

    Don’t throw away that piece of paper! It might save your credit score! When you see an error on your report, gather all documentation necessary to prove your claim. Stuff like receipts and credit card statements can help change your credit history. Remember that you are only presenting the facts in order for them to understand your claim.

  4. Write Them a Letter

    Writing can also help in uplifting that credit reputation. Include your gathered documents, state your claims and highlight the errors and omissions you have detected in the credit report. Write as if you are writing to an employer, show utmost respect and then ask for an investigation politely. The company will be more than obliged to deal with your argument as long as you are nice and patient. Do not forget to include your social security number, invoice numbers and account numbers in order for a fast and accurate process.

  5. The Waiting Game

    Being patient is really a virtue. After filing a report, the investigators must look into it immediately and will give out a result in 30 days. Being impatient will only lengthen the procedure and do damage to your reputation as a person as well. Learn to wait.

  6. Getting the Results

    Most incidents will be resolved in 7 to 10 days, as long as you provide proper documentation and have built a strong argument. But if things don’t go your way, you can ask your credit company to include a copy of your argument that will later show in future balance statements.

These tips may not get what you want, but at least this will make sure that you have done everything to state your case.