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Credit Card Fraud? Don't Be a Victim!

Picture of a credit fraud Do you wish to get out of debt? If so, then the first and foremost thing that you should do is stear clear of credit card fraud. Most people today are victims of credit card fraud and this is one of the main reasons why they incur huge amounts of debt? For people who do not wish to be a victim of credit card fraud, here are some tips that you should undertake.

Today, Internet is one of the most vital tools that people are using in order to do credit card fraud. However, people should also take into consideration the fact that giving out your credit card in restaurants can be a great source of credit fraud too. After all, how hard is it for a waiter or a salesperson to jot down your credit card number and use it for their personal purchases?

Combat credit card fraud

In order to combat credit card fraud, common sense should be used. People should be cautious in giving out their personal information to other people (may it be on the Internet, via phone or personally). Let's get down to business! Here are some tips to prevent credit card fraud.

  • When you use your credit card for purchases, it would be best that you monitor its whereabouts. Never ever let your credit card get out of your sight. Also, make sure that it will be given back to you right away.
  • Know when to give your credit card information. Most credit card fraud are carried out via phone. Sometimes, people will receive calls informing them that a company's computer systems went down and that the company needs to verify your information. For your information, this is a scam. Legitimate companies do not call people just to ask information about their credit cards.
  • Avoid 'phishing' scams. Most people would receive emails requesting them to provide their credit card information via email. Others would get emails asking them to go to a certain website where they should verify their credit card information. This is one of the most prevalent scams today so try to avoid falling for this.
  • You must first make sure that the site is secure before you provide any information about your credit card.
  • Once you receive your credit card, sign it right away.
  • Tear or shred all of the credit card applications that you have gotten.
  • Protect your credit card number. Cover it so that people around you will not have the chance to copy or memorize it.
  • Do not bring many credit cards if you only need one. Keep some of your credit cards in your home.
  • Keep the receipts of all your credit card purchases. By doing so, you will find it easy to monitor whether all the purchases in your bill are really yours. If you happen to see some charges that you do not remember or you are not familiar with, report it right away. You can do it via phone and in writing.
  • Be wary in signing a blank credit card receipt. These types of receipts can be easily tampered and people can add more charges to your bill.

Follow these tips and you will surely not be a victim of credit card fraud.